Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Yes it has been a while... soon, you'll see why...

Well, just 'good grief'... in my best Charlie Brown disgusted tone...
What the hell, America? I have spent a lifetime enjoying the freedoms that so many have afforded me. Perhaps, and by design, I have taken all of it for granted. But, at some point, we wake up; we begin to see the realities around us. We stop relying on the magic of youth to guide our way in life. Ladies and gentlemen, we are supposed to take responsibility for our actions, our lives, our very existence.

I am so appalled at the world around me.... blah, blah, blah... ok, everyone I know feels that way. Unfortunately, only a very few of us can, will and are doing anything about it.

What am I referring to? Well, unless you're under a rock.. or in college focusing on pop culture... that being current music, trends, fashion.. etc.. (for the dumb masses... ) and you can tell us everything about American Idol or Miley Cyrus.. but not a damn thing about this country and its pathetic leadership... you already know.

History does indeed repeat itself, and recently a very dear friend and I were having that discussion. We are at the top of the circle about to be cresting the curve into the downward slope on the good 'ole repeat mode of history. It's taken 233+ years to come full circle.. but, by God.. here it is... we have finally become the same tyrannical, oppressive, controlling, taxing and demanding without representation country that we fled from. AND....AND.... We are sitting back and allowing the most inept, lying, cheating, Constitution bashing leader (Barack Obama) and his Gestapo thugs lull us into a mindset that the economy and this country is failing because of our arrogance, greed, Christian based beliefs and a myriad of shit that has NOTHING to do with anything except their agenda in fooling the dumb masses into thinking that the government is the win all, be all savior to this situation.... What the Hell..??

The economy, etal... is not so bad that it can't be corrected with simple numbers and strategies already in place. However, the Obama machine is keeping the country in a state of fear until their government gains more control of the private sector business in our nation.. then, suddenly, and almost overnight, they will announce the end of recession and a new era with government controlled industries, medical care, housing and banking... Oh, shit.... Communist Russia... remember them??

Key word: "Remember"

I can't even think straight enough to write well right now...

Push this blog... and let's get started waking folks up... I've only just begun to write... I welcome all opinions... just know.. this is MY blog and I rule it supreme.

Time to eat some more... see you soon...


  1. obama... LOLOLOLOL... everything is easy to fix.. we just do not have the will.. {{I THINK YOUR FONT NEEDS TO BE A BIT SMALLER}}


  3. Okay... I made it bigger... I like to squint when I read... makes me feel... sophisticated....

  4. holy shit.. those little dots were words...