Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I must say, as a people, WE aren't doing enough. I want to address why no one is listening to the American people. Actually, I want to ask us all, why. Why are WE not listening to each other? I have stated for quite awhile that, in my opinion, the two party system in our country has finally run its course. There is no visible line any longer. The blur we see is simply, "the political machine".

I commend those whose ideals drive them to seek public office on a party ticket. At least, at their very core, they seem to hold a deep desire to make a change, to listen, to help, initially. But, once elected, it takes an even shorter amount of time than in years past, to turn a true "public servant" mentality into that of a "die-hard politician".

Just look at the career politicians in our government who, rather than accept potential defeat, jumped ship and quickly raised the flag of the opposing party to run on THEIR ticket. If that doesn't scream "self serving SOB" then nothing does.

Recently I told someone that we, as a people, need to put aside the lust for power that our parties have lulled us into believing is the ONLY way to exist. We need to stop creating bureaucracy for the sake of it. We need to wake up America and realize that being a Democrat or a Republican is a useless, baseless and cowardly attempt at honoring the lives of so many men and women that have died to grant us the very freedom we taunt each other with.

For God's sake, let's truly be AMERICANS!!!! Let's take back our country from the politicians and put it in the hands of the people on the front line; you and me. Let's stop fighting about which candidate has the better idea and realize that we can think for OURSELVES. Let us stand, united and tell our government that we are a REPUBLIC and that we are reclaiming our sovereign nation under the Constitution that created it.

If you're in any way in agreement with this; if you're tired of being spoon-fed the same BS from the same politicians.. then let me know.. pass this on.. let others know..


We talk of "movements" and "parties" and "liberals" and "conservatives". These are terms created by the very groups and politicians that dictate to us every day.. and have been for decades.

Remember, we're AMERICANS. Our country is a melting pot of many nations. However, it was founded by immigrants that came here, became citizens, learned our language, kept their traditions, and embraced our land. We don't have to please everybody that comes here nor do we have to take care of them. It's not hatred or bigotry; it's taking responsibility for one's own actions.

It's time for us to take responsibility. We let ourselves get here.. now, let's get us out of this mess.

Yep.. that about sums it up... thanks... More to eat... gotta go.

See you soon.......

Monday, April 26, 2010

Well I'll just be damned.. I do have a Blog!!!

Okay.. it has been an interesting time.. nothing exciting.. just busy with life, politics, family.. etc. I've not maintained my cannibalism as I should have and I apologize... well, that's not entirely true...

I've maintained my "eating of life and its people" I just haven't reported it to you.. by the way, the definition of a cannibal is; "one that is fed up with people".

Yeah, it's cute.. in a pathetic attempt at being cute kinda way.. so, naturally, I like it!!!

Now, let's get into catching up a bit, shall we?

As many of you know, I sort of jump around with my subject matter; for me, that's how my life works. Just ask anyone that knows me. It's not that I don't genuinely enjoy doing things.. I just get put in to so many activities. So, here are the past several months in a nutshell:

November saw more government rhetoric, blah-blah about spending and jobs.. bullstuff, really.. but, like good sheep the American people ate it.. then, December!!! I got married!! Yep.. Jen and I tied the knot at Kroger!!! And, Rev. D.C. Perry (er, um, that's Clay) was the officiate... we jumped over a stick in the parking lot(I think he did in fact, carve it), Clay said pretty words (that we prepared) and then we went inside to a throng of paparazzi... it's true.. look at TMZ...

January saw a whole new year.. yep... jumped right out there and "BAM".. 2010.. who the hell would've thunk it.. but, it did happen.. and we're a decade into Buck Rogers territory... my middle baby, Lexi turned 10.. I am officially old!!

February had hearts in it, with candy and cards... ( I want to invent a holiday, anyone is welcome to suggest one, I'll split it..)

March.. In like a lion.. and never looked back.. it finally got warm and has been getting warmer!! The rain has come.. but, the heat got here sooner and thus.. the pollen...

and now.. April... My oldest, my son Bert, turned 14.. so, beyond old.. I'm once again, dust... speaking of which.. pollen is routinely over the 3000 level.. why don't they just change the damn severe level to be higher than 120? It's only 120 or less, under Niagara Falls.. right?

Ok.. that was a boring, but, a concise recap of the past several months.. I'll be back soon and on track with life, love, politics.. and daily happenings..

Tune in next time when farmer Brown says, "... and I don't even like Spandex".

More to eat.. got go!!!