Thursday, June 4, 2009

The futality of man... as viewed from the weeds...

Funny... life has a way of showing itself to you in varying ways. Yes, yes, that sounds cliche`, however, what I mean is... even if your position changes... it still reveals the same thing... your interpretation is all that changes... it's up to you to decide, upon your view, how to deal with that which you are witnessing.

To borrow a quote; "I listen less to what men say and watch more of what they do..." the old adage, 'actions speak louder than words' has finally made its permanent residence in my psyche. It has truly become 'words to live by.' It is inevitable, man will let you down. As my dear friend Clay Perry so adequately states, the only thing you have is trust (your word) in this world. While I'm the first to agree, it is not always possible to be comfortable sharing everything with everyone, there is a point where out-right lying becomes pathological.

For everyone, life is viewed through a meter. Everyone has their interpretation of "their" life. Verbally, blue is blue, red is red, etc... however, is the blue you see the same as the blue I see? My point is, as hard as one may try to convince another that what is true and tangible, is, well... true and tangible, to the other party, it's just as real to them that it is not. This is an inborn response to authority, fear, inexperience... whatever. Simply put, it is a defense mechanism employed by said party to protect whatever weakness they are concerned of exposing. I feel it is less out of malice or ignorance than it is out of sheer repetition of protecting themselves from their internal fear. Once you repeat something long enough, you believe it. In many cases, it is so real, that nothing, even witnessing the opposite, can change your mind.

Hmmm.... I suppose I could clarify my reason for venting this opinion... well, let's just say that there are people both in my life and on the fringe that amaze me at their ability to live totally isolated in their own world... I don't mean that figuratively, I mean... complete with street signs, restaurants and travel plans... it's a Bizzaro world that I feel like the only sane person in... but, I admit, I may be the only insane person... who knows?

I'll be back soon... got to eat some more people....


  1. sometimes it can scare the hell out of you, other times entertain you, but it always mystifies me...

  2. What is "Futality?"
    But, aside from that, yeah. People are strange.
    And women do seem wicked when you're unwanted.
    Who knew that some dead guy in a bath tub would've been right?