Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The first holiday of the Summer.... hmmm

Yes, Memorial Day. A time to reflect upon all of those men and women that have paid the ultimate price for our freedoms. A time to honor those that currently serve in our military forces; giving their time and service to allow us to do what we're doing now...

Sadly, it sounds cliche' when written in this manner. We are a nation of tremendous pride, yet, we lack the backbone, now, to firmly stand our ground on our own principles. While I agree, there are many out there that can and do, the voice of the opposition is louder than ours.

Let me be clear, this is not a politcal forum. I'm not going to fill each post with rhetoric to bolster one side and condemn another side of the political battlefield. That is not my place. I will however, state my opinions normally, as I should.. it is, after all, a blog... but, just as many of my friends have and do before me, I want to share and enjoy comments from any and all people.

As my title suggests, I am a cannibal.... it is, however, in the sense of "eating up life" as opposed to sitting down with ...."fava beans and a nice chiante...." to eat the entrails of some poor bastard that I met on the street. It's so much more rewarding to do that in words....

So... Memorial Day.. .and the preceding weekend was an amazing time of sight and sound. Great friends, memories and catching up with loved ones. I have a new found respect for my friends and their abilities to remember and rekindle.... period. It is truly inspiring to witness the interaction of bonds so strong and old, as they dissolve the years in a matter of seconds and suddenly, there we are... just as we always were.... connected, rooted and united!!

That is the other part of Memorial Day for me now. Along with the countless men and women that served and are serving our great nation, to allow us our lives and freedoms... from this moment forward... this holiday will remind me of the personal sacrifices, victories and defeats on a much closer and personal level.... those of my friends and family. The small but very important pieces of life that make each of us who and what we are.... Thank you my loved ones!!

More to eat.... I will be back soon.


  1. A good time was had by all. While I came in while things were winding down for all of your time together it was still a blast. I hope we continue and get together all summer. Maybe the next time we'll get lucky and it will be a weekend you have your kids. :-)

  2. your font needs to be a bit SMALLER...

    never forgetting, thats what happens.. its always there..